Archivio mensile:luglio 2007

Calabria’s Viagra

I just got back from an amazing long week-end near Tropea. I was staying at a friend’s villa, right on the beach, swimming pool, tennis court…

After 5 minutes I got there I was in charge of the kitchen and I had the chance to perform some experiments with Calabrian typical flavours: chili peppers (aka Calabria’s viagra, for their strength), Nduja (a super hot soft fresh salami) Tuna, Tropea’s Onions, fresh Provola.

A quick recipe for pasta with Nduja (out of this week-end most succesful experiment):

For 4 persons

150 gr of Nduja
500 gr of pasta (spaghetti or the kind you prefer, better long)
150 gr of bread crumb
tomato sauce (concentrated)
olive oil
400 gr of fresh ricotta

While the pasta is boiling, melt the Nduja together with the tomato sauce. While draining pasta add to the Nduja and tomato the fresh ricotta and stir. Pour the drained pasta in the pan with Nduja, tomato and ricotta, add olive oil, stir, add bread crumb stir and add a final touch of olive oil. Serve. Enjoy. Ricotta and bread crumb will smoothen Nduja strong taste.