Dear international friends, Italy is NOT its logos.

Dear american, english, japanese, brasilian, deutsch, spanish, moroccan, french, israeli and all international friends,

I write to you to say I am sorry and ashamed for the new logo (if you dare call it so..) that represents (if you dare say so…) our capital city, Rome as announced yesterday by city Mayor Alemanno.

The New Rome logo announced yesterday by City Mayor Alemanno.

It comes as one of a long series of friendly fire attacks to the image and reputation of our country as cradle of arts, beauty and design. Remember (we all probably voluntarily forgot…) the other logo that should have represented Italy?

replaced after only two years by:

and the unbelievable claim: Magic Italy with the PM Berlusconi voiceover in an horrible 80’s style commercial?

You probably and hopefully forgot about all this, my dear international friends, as we try to do every day and focus on the many, real beauties we have here in Italy.

As a citizen and as a communication professional I want to reassure you that we are indeed the country of beauty: only we have a ugly, ugly politicians…

Please come visit. I’ll be glad to show you around: we can sit in a beautiful Piazza, admire the real beauty of our country and make fun together (with a nice glass of wine) of the ignorance and superficiality of a political class who governed us in the past decades. These ugly people, I personally reassure you once again, are soon about to disappear by natural extinction (if not sooner by imminent elections), while Italy’s beauty is luckily eternal.

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