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Le 10 tecniche usate per far durare di meno i nostri telefoni. E la “E-Waste”: l’immondizia digitale che producono.

Viviamo (e decisamente meglio) grazie agli smartphone. Sono strumenti talmente utili che li cambiamo ogni 12 mesi. Ma li cambiamo ogni 12 mesi perché il progresso corre così veloce o perché c’è qualcosa che non sappiamo? Continua a leggere

Lonely Planet iPhone Edition (Review after use of the Marrakesh guide )

From Lonely Planet iPhone edition (Marrakesh)

My italian friends will forgive this post in english. I bought, downloaded and used for a week the Marrakesh Lonely Planet Guide for iPhone (on iTunes here). The experience has been positive, although many points are a critical factor to evaluate carefully before deciding whether it’s worth the 12,99€. Also what it’s NOT there has a key role for me, see below in the “LACKS” section. If you want to have yourself a hands-on experience before spending the 12,99€ try and by the San Francisco edition in promotion for just 0,99€: you will have an idea of what to expect. I try to sum up quickly the up & downsides. Continua a leggere