My Wine Bloggers conference… (…or “a shortcut to Europe’s top wine bloggers”)

I’ll write this post in english, because of the many new friends I met in Lisbon last week end. I had an amazing time and met many interesting bloggers at the 2009 European Wine Bloggers Conference. I was there with a “not-so-secret” mission: explore the possibility of having the next edition in Italy and getting to know the international winesphere.

The two days have been so intense and way to short to have enought time to talk to everyone, I’ll draw a quick memo here, hoping not to forget anyone I had a chat with.

First of all the fabolous trio, the unstoppable organizers: Gabriella, Ryan and Robert. Thanks guys, a smooth weekend, planned in any detail.

The vickywinish Anne Victoire: don’t miss her blog and her tastings in paris (and maybe Milan 🙂 ). The UK batallion: Oliver, “the intoxicating prosator” Douglas, Lizzie, “Eat-like-a-girl” Niamh and Video-Denise: cheers guys.

The super-kind Victor and the Italo-French-Spanish Ivo kept me company. The live tweets of Michael Oudyn were entrataining as much as the chats with Luiz and Gwen.

Finally I listened to the interesting preentations of Philppe and Evelyne, sitting at the side of austrian Julia and the-only-other-italian Anna, had a charming chat with Edviges.

It has been a privilege to meet Rachel together with Doug Cook and being able to bore him with constant talking on Twitter… hope to catch up soon with you guys in Italy or SF.

It has been a great week-end, I won’t miss next year edition wherever it will be. (fingers crossed 🙂 )

4 pensieri su “My Wine Bloggers conference… (…or “a shortcut to Europe’s top wine bloggers”)

  1. Ivo Pagès

    Gazie Marco per il link…Chi sa si un girono ci vediamo a Milano…. ho gia un paio di clienti privati, perche Cadaqués e un paesino abastante conosciuto dai “polentoni” ( ahahhaahhahaha…) Si no un giorno cuando vieni a Barcelona ..Ciao ! IVO


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