Almost in Tokyo…

In the next couple of weeks I will be on a very particular business trip to Tokyo, Japan. I’ll be embedded in the world champion MotoGP Fiat Yamaha Team, a once in a lifetime opportunity made possible by the intelligent and strong marketing effort done by our client FIAT Automobiles, which is Title Sponsor of the Fiat Yamaha Team and is developing the digital marketing plans on Social Media. Our role as an agency is to coordinate guest bloggers and Online PR and work together with Fiat and Yamaha on the Social Media strategy.

I’ll be travelling in Tokyo and in the surrounding area and we’ll be staying for the whole week-end at Motegi for the MotoGP. The road trip with the Fiat 500 during the week before the MotoGP will be amazing, we’ll meet Japanese Bloggers, visit Yamaha’s HQ and many interesting places related to riding and go to an amazing party on the 20th at the Fiat Cafè in Tokyo.

You can follow the Fiat Yamaha Team on facebook:

or on Twitter:

Find (and make findable) the content with the tag: #fiatayamahateam

I’ll be posting here on my blog and I’ll be sharing on my facebook and my twitter lots of pics and content. I’ll be doing it in english, since the MotoGP is an international event and many people and motor bloggers will be following our updates in the next days. I hope this content from Japan will be interesting for the people following me, if otherwise I apologize in advance.

If you have suggestions regarding Tokyo or Japan, this is the place to leave them: right here in the comments. Sayonara.

12 pensieri su “Almost in Tokyo…

  1. Antonio Rossi

    Buffone ma lo sanno in giro che con Hagakure fattura solo 500.000 euro annui come un qualsiasi minimarket di quartiere? Lei conta meno di una qualsiasi piccola impresa ma se la tira come fosse un confindustriale con migliaia di dipendenti. Massa rotto i coglioni lei e i suoi amici blogger sfigati SIETE NESSUNO NON CONTATE UN CAZZO.

  2. Marco Massarotto Autore articolo

    @Antonio Rossi in effetti il minimarket di quartiere è esattamente il modello a cui ci ispiriamo: piccolo, efficiente e accessibile 🙂

  3. Nicola

    Grazie per il link! Spero di esserti stato utile! Ricambio il favore linkandoti nel mio blog “nicolaingiappone” e sulla mia pagina fan di Facebook!

    A presto!



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